About Essen

Experience Essen. It's perfectly possible, even literally.
Describe Essen? Now that's a completely different thing, because this city has not only one face but many aspects. Where should the focus be? Which profile? Which image? The image of coal, steel and soot-blackened sky has been history for a long time - partly due to the City of Culture title in the year 2010. But how can one describe a city for which the words "Industrial Culture" and "Industrial Nature" were practically invented, whose UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Zollverein, represents the figurehead for an entire region?

Essen, Centre of Industrial Culture, has had more visitors than ever before in recent years - and there is no reason not to come again, because the city offers everything a visitor could desire: an art collection of world renown in the Folkwang Museum, one of the best opera houses in Germany with the Aalto Theatre. The cultural tourism offer starts at Essen - the gateway city for the experiential area "Kunst und Kreativität RUHR" (Art and Creativity RUHR) - and radiates outwards to cover the entire region.

That's one thing. And there's more: Essen has a lively city centre. A varied gastronomy scene ranging from Michelin star cuisine to the legendary currywurst. And: Essen is one of the greenest cities in Germany - An aspect that anyone who has experienced Essen at first hand will admit. With not much more than a touring rucksack and your own bicycle, take a trip out-and-about along the varied theme tours of the "Route der Industriekultur" (Route of Industrial Culture) or the delightful "Ruhrtal Radweg" (Ruhr Valley Cycle Path). Right in the centre of that which we call "Industrial Nature".

The portrait of a city. A great idea. But not at all easy. Essen has many faces. Essen is different. Why not let yourself be inspired?

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